As he observes them

As he observes them

Manoj Das says that for a long time he avoided cultivating acquaintance with famous or gifted people. That was for an unusual reason: he had formed his own ideas of them, based on their deeds. He did not like that impression to be disturbed by personal knowledge of someone’s personal traits. Besides, he says, ‘I am by nature a lonely man and I wish to remain lonely. But such is the arrangement of Providence that I am often thrown into groups and collectives – be it elitist or ordinary and average.’

How does he perceive a person when he comes across him or her? One thing is obvious: we find through his impressions glimpses of something enjoyable, something educative in the person concerned. Manoj Das does not comment on his subject beyond what emerges from a specific interaction or experience with the subject. But those glimpses are striking for their human and revealing quality.

  1. Gopinath Mohanty
  2. RK Narayan
  3. Prof. Manmath Nath Das
  4. Shri Brajanath Rath
  5. Prof. Chandrasekhara Rath
  6. Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab
  7. Kabi Kunjabihari Das and Kabi Radhamahon Gadanayak
  8. Kalandi Charana Panigrahi
  9. Kantakabi Laxminkanta Mohapatra
  10. Pandita Laxminarayana Sahoo
  11. Pandita Godabarisha Mishra
  12. Shri Manmohan Mishra

Prof Manoj Das for April Conference 2016

About Manoj Das

For thousands of men, women and children of the past two or three generations, Manoj Das has been the very synonym of light and delight, whose writings in Odia and English inspire in his countless readers faith in the purpose of life and also open up concealed horizons of confidence and compassion in humanity a dire need today.