Handling the profound with a master touch:”Streams of Yogic & Mystic Experience

“Streams of Yogic & Mystic Experience” –a book edited by Manoj Das

The preface of the book says “Yoga goes back to the dawn of human consciousness, to the first awakening of humanity’s earliest aspiration for God, Light, Freedom, Bliss and Immortality. Despite vicissitudes of time this quest of man had resurfaced again and again- and this “earliest formula of Wisdom promises to be its last” says Sri Aurobindo.


Theories and principles governing different schools of Yoga are available through several works written by practitioners, academic researchers as well as historians of this lore. This volume, addressed to the educated laity and not just to students and specialists, is an effort at presenting the experiences of the travelers along different paths of Yoga, as studied by scholars. But necessarily theories precede experiences and hence the reader can gain a comprehensive outlook on all the major systems of Yoga, from Patanjali’s Raja Yoga to Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga, as well as on some of the minor systems, from such a collective study presented for the first time.”.

It is published by Centre for Studies in Civilization ( CSC) for the project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture ( PHISPC), which works under the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India.

32 eminent philosophers have written in this volume on the different Yogic Philosophies prevalent in India. Reflecting another aspect of the life of Prof Manoj Das -as an editor- who is also a great philosopher of our time.

1 Wisdom: the Earliest and the Last

Aajira Jibanare Biswasa O Bandhuta A Talk by Shri Manoj Das

About Manoj Das

For thousands of men, women and children of the past two or three generations, Manoj Das has been the very synonym of light and delight, whose writings in Odia and English inspire in his countless readers faith in the purpose of life and also open up concealed horizons of confidence and compassion in humanity a dire need today.