On Pondicherry

Interview by Prof. P Raja
What lured you to Pondicherry?

Certainly the presence of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. A darshan I had of the Mother gave me some experience which inspired me to stay on here. And 48 years have passed. I have no regrets. I am grateful to the soil of Pondicherry. It has sheltered me.

What sustains your interest in Pondicherry?

I love Pondicherry. When I came 48 years ago, Pondicherry was a cosy town. I was told by my local friends, in a lighter vein, that two kinds of spirit bring people here. One is the gross means of intoxication. The other is the spiritual spirit. But times have changed, of course. While nobody comes for the first, more and more people come here for the spirit in the second sense. And there are other pragmatic reasons. Now Pondicherry is a very important place. It has developed incredibly fast. People come here for many different reasons. But I believe Pondicherry has become overcrowded and the authorities must do something about it. But that relates to the external Pondicherry. There is an inner Pondicherry, something that is unique – the Pondicherry of Agastya, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Once you develop a link with the inner Pondicherry, you realize how blessed you are. But outwardly also, the people of Pondicherry are kind, courteous and cultured. Pondicherry has got an atmosphere of its own which is definitely unique

Prof Manoj Das for April Conference 2016

About Manoj Das

For thousands of men, women and children of the past two or three generations, Manoj Das has been the very synonym of light and delight, whose writings in Odia and English inspire in his countless readers faith in the purpose of life and also open up concealed horizons of confidence and compassion in humanity a dire need today.